Recreating an Illustration: Part 2

ImageEvery illustration starts with lined paper and a number 2 pencil, preferably a Dixon Ticonderoga. You’ll also notice my fancy Left-Handed Notebook. No, I’m not left-handed, but it was just too cool not to buy!

I find myself terrified of a blank white Adobe Illustrator document. I need a skeleton to guide me as I create digital artwork. Somehow a sheet of notebook paper isn’t frightening… In fact, it’s rejuvenating to grab a pencil, turn off my brain, and just sketch out my happy stick figures.

This sketch took me about 15 minutes while listening to Sixpence None The Richer. Music is EXTREMELY important to me in this stage of the illustration. It helps block out everything except my creativity. I’m a person that gets easily frustrated, so I tend to listen to peppy/uplifting music. I used to make mistakes and just give up, but fun music encourages me to work through creative blocks!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how I use this sketch in Adobe Illustrator.

Tell me about your process! Do you sketch before you create digital art? What paper do you use? What music do you like to listen to as you create?

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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