Recreating an Illustration: Part 3


As I said in Part 2, I am terrified of empty Adobe Illustrator documents. I made a simple sketch yesterday to serve as a “skeleton” when I recreate my digital art-piece. By placing the sketch on it’s own locked layer, I am able to quickly use the Pen Tool to trace it’s outline.

My initial trace is rough – basic outlines of the entire document. My favourite colour to trace with is hot pink! Instead of having to rearrange all of the paths later, I prefer to plan ahead. I begin tracing the items I want furthest back and move forward. Once the sketch is complete I go back with the White Arrow tool and perfect the various shapes and lines. In this illustration I had to modify the balloon strings quite a bit.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my colouring process!

Do you like using the pen tool? What is your process as you trace? What is your favourite colour to use?

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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