Christmas Recreated Illustration

Merry Christmas My house is already starting to show signs of Christmas! My husband and I stopped by Home Depot the other day to buy an outdoor grill; we ended up buying a small rosemary tree and some lights as well. PetsMart was right next door, so I just HAD to go inside and buy a festive hat for my dog. (I’ll post a picture of that next time!)

With the Christmas feeling surrounding me, I felt it was time to recreate one of my favourite illustrations: Merry Christmas Skater. I hope everyone is enjoying these “recreated” posts ~ I have been having so much fun re-illustrating the designs that got me started!

When I first worked on this image I had no idea that I could manipulate fonts. I simply drew out the words Merry Christmas with the Paintbrush Tool and I was done. This time however, the first thing I did was hop on ~ this site does fonts like Kuler does colour. I went to the theme I knew would work best for my design and then added my desired phrase and licensing options.


Once I found the font I liked best, I used it in my graphic. I used the Expand option and manipulated it a little to give it the effect of being one swooping creation. I then added some trees and snow to make the illustration more of a complete scenery.

What do you think of the new product? The recreated illustration is now available for purchase! Have you taken your family photos yet? Send a smile in the mail with this darling Merry Christmas Skater!


Have a beautiful day! ♥

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