My Garden

It’s almost Summer! My garden was so happy once Spring came around and now it’s bursting for joy for Summertime! Every day I spend over an hour in my garden watering and tending it. It’s so calming and I love watching God’s handiwork as He helps these beauties grow! I’ve found so many different bugs and critters! Today I wanted to share photographs I’ve taken along my gardening journey (: I hope you enjoy!


Veggies and Herbs

Critters in the Garden

Lawn and Compost

What do you think of my garden? My next goal is to snap photos of all the beautiful birds that land on our feeder! Do you have a garden?!? Tell me about it in the comments!

If you would like the follow along on my gardening adventures follow me on Instagram! I try to post a gardening picture each day (:

Have a beautiful day! ♥

4 thoughts on “My Garden

    • madelineaudrey says:

      What a beautiful butterfly farm you visited! The insect room looked so interesting!
      Thanks for the feedback ~ I sure appreciate it! (:

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