When I was in high school I loved creating unique cards to hand out to my friends. Whether it was porcupines with toothpick quills or pipe cleaner flowers – it always felt like Valentine’s Day! Spreading joy is something I feel is very important. Seeing my friends’ eyes light up as I handed out handmade greetings brought ME joy!

I designed these Seed Envelopes to share with all of you too! Simply click on the image below, download it, print on card stock, cut and fold, glue together, fill with seeds, and prepare to see your loved ones SMILE!

As always, this freebies is for personal use ONLY! Do not edit it or use commercially. You are more than welcome to share on your blog or website, but please link to this original blog post. Enjoy!!! (:

Seed Envelope Template

Have a beautiful day! ♥

2 responses to “Freebie: Seed Envelope Template”

  1. robborob Avatar

    This is very creative! I will actually use this in the future, thank you! Way more interesting than blank white envelopes! Haha

    1. madelineaudrey Avatar

      Awesome! Glad you like them!!

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