Think About These Things

Think About These Things

Maybe you’re like me – it’s easy to think about lovely, honorable, and things worthy of praise when things are going my way. But circumstances always seem to change – the car needs new tires, a child becomes ill, or a friend says something that hurts your heart. In those times it doesn’t feel as natural to think of excellent things.

Paul wrote these words when he was in prison – not an ideal situation. He wasn’t telling us to just put on a brave face – he’s telling us to have an eternal focus. When we meditate on the goodness of God our perspective of challenging circumstances softens because we know He is in control.

Lately I’ve been very encouraged by the believers of Early Rain Covenant Church in China after reading Pastor Wang Yi’s Declaration. They’ve maintained joy and a heart of surrender in very difficult times. To learn more about their faith, visit the prayer Facebook page.

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