Recreating an Illustration: Part 4


ImageToday I completed my recreated illustration! In this last blog post I wanted to share my colour techniques.

Every colour journey starts with Adobe Kuler. If you are an illustrator and haven’t heard of Kuler, look it up on Google… You’ll thank me forever! The colours I wanted to concentrate on in this piece were that of the balloons. I searched “rainbow” on Kuler and selected a set that I found pleasing. When imputing these colours into Adobe Illustrator I’ve found that I need to use the RGB codes. Every time I use the CMYK values the colours don’t end up the way they should.


After I finished giving the balloons their colours, I used the Mesh Tool to create a slight Gradient effect that a real balloon has. I also reduced their Transparency (another thing that real balloons have). I did a lot of work with the clouds ~ editing their Brush Stroke, adding different transparencies and sizes, and Arranging some to the front of the document.

You probably notice that I added quite a lot of clouds from the original sketch. One of the biggest ways my technique has evolved over the years is that I now try to express a story in my illustrations. When I first began I just made simple sketches that, while cute, lacked substance.

So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, here is a Before and After!


What do you think? What is your process for colour picking? Have you ever recreated an illustration? Tell me in a comment!

For all those who followed this series ~ Thank You!!! To purchase an Art Print of the new illustration just click on the Before and After picture!

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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