My Fan Art

Hi everyone – This weekend I did a fair amount of research into selling “Fan Art”. Since I have seen so many people selling Disney and other inspired art I thought it was okay. Turns out that selling anything that even resembles a copyrighted character is considered copyright infringement. So, from here on out, my fan art will be for smiles only – I will not reproduce or sell it. It’s a bummer, but as an artist I can completely understand and respect the severity of copyright laws!


Have a beautiful day! ♥
Madeline Audrey

It’s A Small World


Happy Monday everyone! This week’s Smile Monday is inspired by my favourite ride at Disneyland – It’s A Small World! (: It sure was fun drawing all these different cultures – a wonderful challenge!

What’s your favourite ride at Disneyland? Tell me in the comments!

Have a beautiful day! ♥