Hi friends! How is your week going? I hope it’s been filled with joy!

Psalms 92:4 “At the works of Your hands I sing for JOY!” I love this verse, because I love admiring God’s creation. It really does bring me joy – my pets especially!!! I was really excited this morning when my doggy let one of the kitties jump on the bed (usually she scares him off). I thank Jesus every night for my silly little family!

Tell me in the comments what has made you smile this week! (:

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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My Christmas Present: Two Abandoned Kitties

My Christmas Present: Two Abandoned Kitties

About two weeks ago my husband and I noticed two kitties hanging around our neighborhood. They seemed domestic in behaviour (they would always run up when I greeted them) but they had no collars so I figured they were strays. After a couple days we asked a neighbour and they told us someone had moved away and left them. This broke our animal loving hearts! We knew we had to take care of them, whether that meant bringing them to a shelter or into our own home. (If you knew my husband, you wouldn’t be surprised that bringing them to a shelter was very quickly ruled out!)

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November Give-Away

A couple months ago I was approached by a blogger to offer a giveaway on her website. I was thrilled, it was my first giveaway opportunity. I gained a great deal of traffic from the giveaway, so I made a goal to offer one giveaway a month on different blogs.

This month I’m blessed that my mother-in-law is finishing up her 8 week Bible Study. This last week she focused her blog post on joy, so I designed this tote bag especially for her. Visit her site HERE to enter for a chance to win this creative Bible bag! 

Tote Bag Give-AwayIf you have a blog and are interested in featuring one of my products for a giveaway, please email me at (:

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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