Bat + Cat = Love


Happy Smile Monday everyone! Batman is my personal favourite superhero (as long as Adam West has the role)! That’s why I chose him and the beautiful Catwoman to be featured in today’s illustration! Usually I have only one stick figure with a speech bubble or catch-phrase; it was a lot of fun to create two characters speaking to each other!


I think my superhero collection has come to a close – simply because I can’t think of any more superheros whose name can be turned into a romantic phrase! Iron Man – nope. AquaMan – nope. Thor – nope. Hulk, Flash, Bionic Bunny – nope, nope, nope. HeeHee! I am quite proud of the three that I was able to illustrate though! (: What do you think of my Superheros In Love Collection?!?

Have a beautiful day! ♥

You’re Super

Superman and Lois Lane Love

I apologize for the very late Smile Monday post! I’m happy to present an illustration I’m very proud of – “You’re Super”! Superman just made Lois smile! There’s no better feeling than hearing someone you admire say how much YOU mean to THEM! Make sure to tell all your superheros how much you love them (:

Have a beautiful day! ♥