In all the hub-bub and stresses of life, it’s always a delight to find someone refreshes and rejuvenates your day! These two narwhal are an illustrated reminder to take time to thank those who bring joy to your world! Click on the image above if you’d like to see this illustration on t-shirts and more!ClickContinue reading “Narwhal”

Georgia On My Heart

My dear husband has been suggesting I make some “local” artwork for quite some time now. As I’m preparing to start selling in a new market in Savannah, I knew it was time to create some Georgia specific illustrations! What do you think of this southern belle in her Georgia peach coloured dress? 😊 ClickContinue reading “Georgia On My Heart”


This is for those of you who have a spectacle wearing sweetheart or friend! 🤓💗🤓 I’ve worn specs since I was in 2nd grade – to me they’re jewelry! Looking for a fabulous new set of specs in Savannah? Visit Dr. Morrow at ForSight: Unique Eye Care and Eye Wear! I visited her this yearContinue reading “Specs”