Meet Audrey

Hi there, friend! 😊 My name is Audrey Gillies! I’m an illustrator who draws stick figures with bright smiles! My artwork makes me smile as I create it and {I hope} it spreads smiles across the world to those who see it!

I am the illustrator of the precious book You Are a Gift! My passion is creating greeting cards for people to share joy with those they love. To send a smile in the mail, visit my Etsy store.

I share life with my darling husband, Joshua – he’s my constant source of inspiration! We enjoy spending time in our garden, smoking delicious BBQ, and worshiping God with our local church!

Thanks for dropping by! Have a beautiful day! 

♥ Audrey

While my website is filled with cheer, I sometimes have to fight for that joy. Click the image below to be taken to my blog post where I share the many resources that have filled me with hope and healing during difficult circumstances. I pray this will be a blessing and a help to any who are suffering. ❤️️

My Steps Towards Hope and Healing In Difficult Circumstances

Feel free to email me anytime at ♥

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