Thankful For You!

My pastor recently requested a selection of cards that he could send to our church family – one being a thank you card. I was thrilled to accept the challenge of illustrating a thankful Bible verse! Who comes to your mind and your immediate response is to thank the Lord for them? Remember them inContinue reading “Thankful For You!”

Sympathy and Hope

Until now, I did not have a greeting card for sympathy. My friend from church has cancer and I drew this Scripture art to share a small dose of joy. Those walking through difficult seasons need to hear, “I’m praying for you”. Philippians 1:6 gives such hope to the suffering Christian! When we feel atContinue reading “Sympathy and Hope”

Think About These Things

A charming illustration inspired by Philippians 4:8! Available as a greeting card to share sweet encouragement with your loved ones.


I love this verse from Matthew about going out into the world and letting our light shine for the glory of God! In my mind I see it like releasing fireflies on a Summer evening – they go everywhere! ❤️⭐️ How do you enjoy shining the light of Christ in your community? Click on theContinue reading “Fireflies”